SS Junior Academy

SS Junior Academy was one of 22 clubs from Malaysia that had teams playing during JSSL Singapore Professional Academy 7s 2019. They participated with three teams in Boys 8's (2011), Boys 10's (2009) and Boys 12’s (2007) respectively. The team in Boys 8's (2011) made it to the the 1/8 Final in Plate, but lost it against Russian Junior Sports Academy by 0-5.

The area around does also provide 20 additional clubs participating during JSSL Singapore Professional Academy 7s 2019 (Among others: FC Kuala Lumpur, KLYS, Royal Selangor Club, Panthera Football Club, KL All Stars, KL United, NFDP - ATBTR, MYSS Soccer Club, Penang Soccer FC and KL Dragons).

22 games played


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