FC Bangkok

Medals 2019:
FC Bangkok was one of 15 clubs from Thailand that had teams playing during JSSL Singapore Professional Academy 7s 2019. They participated with 6 teams in Boys 9's (2010), Boys 10's (2009), Boys 11’s (2008), Boys 12’s (2007) and Boys 15’s (2004) respectively. Three teams played until Final in Cup; Boys 9's (2010) Mane won over LFA by 4-1, Boys 10's (2009) Kane won over Asiana Soccer School by 2-1 and Boys 15’s (2004) won over Active SG (AFA Farrer Park DC) by 1-0.

The area around does also provide 14 additional clubs participating during JSSL Singapore Professional Academy 7s 2019 (Among others: CJ Academy (Mu Tahan), Phuket Soccer FC, Elite Soccer School, Perfect Skill, Chonburi FC, Bangkok United, OAZ, Can You Kick It, AC Academy and Youth Football Home).

56 games played


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